Chungshan District is the fourth and last of the districts of Kwangtung Province to be covered in the Consulate General’s series of Indices of Clan Names by Villages. With its publication, the major immigration fraud producing area, i.e. Toishan, Sunwui, Hoiping and Chungshan Districts, has been indexed. This office will continue to collect material on other areas which to date have contributed relatively smaller number of immigrants to the United States, such as Hok Shan, Tung Kun, Yen Ping, Po On, Fa, Wai Yeung and Nam Hoi Districts, but it is not planned at this time to publish any further bound indices. Information on the above listed districts, however, may be had upon inquiry.

How to Use the Index

Chungshan District is divided into nine areas which in turn are divided into smaller jurisdictional groupings of villages or lays termed heungs or bos. However, the villages in Chungshan are comparatively larger than those in the other districts covered by our indices and therefore many of these villages are occupied by more than one clan. This is particularly true of the villages found in the 3rd, 7th and 9th areas. Because of their large size, these villages are often referred to erroneously as heungs by the inhabitants. The areas in Chungshan District, unlike those in other districts, have names as well as numbers, and these too are sometimes erroneously given as heungs by the inhabitants. In Chungshan there are also several cities and large towns which in this index are treated as if they were separate heungs.

To effectively use this index it is necessary to know the Subject’s heung as well as his village. The heungs to be found in Chungshan District are listed alphabetically and also by STC in tabbed sections following. The area names used in Chungshan District are also listed in like fashion. Once the heung has been located, the finding of the proper village is relatively easy. All villages in a heung are listed in three ways, by romanized version of the name, by STC numbers and in Chinese characters. With each village is listed the clan name or names of the family or families occupying the village, also in romanized version, STC numbers and Chinese characters.

All heungs are keyed to a map of Chungshan District which will be found in the tabbed section immediately following the listings of heungs. This map in turn is keyed to the grid coordinates of the U. S. Army Map Service Series covering Kwangtung Province.

In addition to map location, the name of the market or markets in or near the heung is also given in each heung listing.

Standardized Romanization

The system of romanization of place names and surnames used in this index is that employed by the Hong Kong Police Department. For example, character 1776 which can be variously romanized as CHUI, CHUEY, TSUI has been standardized as TSUI.


It is the considered opinion of persons who have been working for several years with the information contained in this index that it includes about 90% of all the villages to be found in Chungshan District. However, since future interviews with applicants for consular services at this post should result in new and more complete data being developed, this index will be reviewed from time to time and if changes are found necessary, amendment notices will be issued to all holders of the index. Any suggestions, comments, and specially any information which might be useful in correcting the index are respectfully requested. All such correspondence should be addressed to the American Consulate General, Hong Kong, Attention: Control Officer, Consular Section, and should be forwarded through official channels.


Grateful acknowledgement is made to the many investigators and clerks, both American and local, who have contributed many hours of time in the compilation of this work. This office is also deeply indebted to the General Services Officer at this post who has found the money necessary to make this, the last volume in the series, possible.

Listing of Areas

[adapted from p. III]

1st Area 良都區 Leung To Area
2nd Area 隆都區 Lung To Area
3rd Area 欖都區 Lam To Area
4th Area 得都區 Tak To Area
5th Area 下恭都區 Ha Kung To Area
6th Area 上恭都區 Sheung Kung To Area
7th Area 谷都區 Kuk To Area
8th Area 黃梁都區 Wong Leung To Area
9th Area 黃旗都區 Wong Ki To Area