This work is a companion to the “Index of Clan Names by Villages for Toishan District”, which was published in October 1963. With the publishing of this Index and a similar one for Hoiping District, which is now at the printer’s, we will have covered three of the four districts of Kwangtung which have provided the largest number of Chinese emigrants to the United States. Research on the remaining district, Chungshan, is nearing completion and we hope that a Chungshan Index can be published sometime this year.

How to Use the Index

The majority of Sunwui natives in the United States originated from one of the following sections of the District: from the eighth area, or Ku Cheng as it is commonly called; from those areas in the vicinity of Sunwui City and Kong Moon City; and from the areas along the railway which linked Sunwui and Toishan.

As in other districts, each of Sunwui’s eight areas is divided into smaller jurisdictional units called heungs. Some of the large heungs are further divided into sub-heungs or bos. In order to locate a particular village in this Index it is essential to know the name of the heung in which it is situated. The heungs can be found by means of the table of contents beginning on page III. Names of the heungs are provided both in romanized forms and in STC’s (Standard Telegraphic Code).

The heungs are arranged in the Index according to areas. Each section contains the map location of the heung, principal market(s) and a list of all known villages and clan names. Ail names are rendered in a romanized form, in Chinese characters and in STC’s.

In this Index as in the Toishan Index, we have adopted the system of romanization which is used in the Consulate General in Hong Kong. It is recommended that, as a double check, subjects be requested to furnish both the Chinese characters and romanized forms for all names.

All heungs and bos found in the Index are keyed to the map of Sunwui District which will be found in the tabbed section immediately following the STC Listing of Heungs and Bos. This map itself is keyed to the grid Kwangtung Province.

This Index, in its present form, contains all the information on Sunwui which is avalable to us. However, it is by no means complete. Research on this district is continuing and as further information is obtained it will be distributed. In the meantime, suggestions or comments from the users of this Index woud be appreciated. Correspondence should be addressed to the Chief, Consular Section, American Consulate General, Hong Kong, Attention: Control Officer, and should be forwarded through official channels.

We are once again indebted to the Immigration and Naturalization Service and to the General Services Officer of the Consulate General for providing the funds for the publication of this Index.

Hong Kong
January 26, 1965